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Sunday, January 13, 2019

Save your daughters from the evil ROGD agenda vigorously propagated at universities.

Mothers are in shock as their daughters come home from college with mustaches and breasts removed. 

ROGD kids    ROGD means Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria

When Your Daughter Defies Biology  This article was published January 6, 2019, in The Wall Street Journal however one has to pay to read it. This is the same article from Reddit (free).

Brown University censors study that found gender dysphoria can be caused by "social and peer" contagion

Girls can order underwear with attached plastic male genitalia so they can feel more male; boys can order underwear that make them look female by suppressing their genitals. The company making transgender underwear is based in San Francisco however isn't linked for obvious reasons.
Protect y
our children from this horrendously evil agenda.

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elpine flower said...

This is a diabolical horror and it is spreading.