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Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Don't Apologize for a Thing, Boys of Covington!

To the boys of Covington Catholic High School: 
"Many of you are still reeling from the trauma of the past few days. Some of you are no doubt fending off vicious online attacks, instigated by loudmouths on the internet with blue checkmarks next to their names. Your parents are worried sick about what all this portends – for college admissions and scholarships and employment prospects that now appear dimmed by false news accounts about your actions at the March for Life. 
"I wish I could offer a word of reassurance amid your troubles. But all I can say is that everyone failed you. The elite media failed its duty to truth and fairness. Your school failed you. Your diocese failed you. Your Church failed you, with some of the nation’s most visible Catholics, lay and clerical, rushing to join the pile-on. America failed you...."


Susan Matthiesen said...

President Donald Trump didn't fail them. Who knows - like Trump said - something good may come of it. Such as maybe the parents now, and the boys in the near future grown into good solid Catholic men, will form a REAL NEWS outlet across the world.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

They have certainly experienced the tyranny of the left. I can't imagine any of them EVER being leftists. The problem is that their experience with the Bishop and their school may also damage their faith. I pray that will not be so. The bishops who piled on thes boys (Foy, Kurtz, Lori) have much to answer for. Think about it. These guys didn't defend the molested children and now they didn't defend the slandered children. Do we see a pattern here?

In Israel (and most ancient societies) children were not only powerless, they often were the possessions of their fathers. Today, babies in the womb are the property of their mothers and other children can be targeted and attacked at will (unless they're foul-mouthed liberal brats like David Hogg who is an icon for the left).

I'm praying for these kids. I hope all these bishops see zero money from their lenten appeals. As long as they are selling out the Church for the federal dollars, I'm done giving a penny to the bishops.

Aqua said...

Just saw the Nick Sandmann Today Show interview.

This young man is mature emotionally and spiritually. He is far beyond so many adults including his own Bishop. Slow, reasoned opinions. Tolerant in the Catholic sense. Tough, brave, yet compassionate toward his tormenters.

I remember me at that age well. He blew me away. Inspiring fellow. Go meet the President, Nick Sandmann. You deserve it. Faithful Catholics are with you.

MJ said...

I heard on the radio that some despicable people are saying that colleges should reject applications from these kids. On the contrary, every Catholic college in this country should offer them a free education for standing up for their faith and suffering swift and ugly persecution from the enemies of Christ.