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Thursday, January 31, 2019

Meet the Modern Virginia Aztecs! Northam and Tran Defend Killing Babies Up to Birth and Beyond!

Note how both these modern Aztecs continue to say "third trimester abortions" to avoid saying abortions at 40 weeks or abortions during labor and delivery. Northam and Tran are monsters with happy faces. The bill (HB 2491) doesn't just lift restrictions on who can be aborted -- any baby up til birth who can then be left to die by neglect, but the bill also lifts all restrictions protecting the mother. It's called the "repeal" bill because it repeals every single protection for both baby and mother hard fought by decent legislators in the past. (The bill was tabled in the subcommittee on Monday by a 5-3 vote.)

Did you ever read The Picture of Dorian Gray? Wouldn't you like see the portraits of these two in the attic?

Notice how Northam, a pediatrician no less, justifies the killing of full term newborns who will be "kept comfortable." Do you think a newborn will be "comfortable" while he/she is starved to death? Basically, this bill legalizes infanticide. It is the Gosnell horror show on steroids. If you saw the movie you know Gosnell joked about the big babies waiting at the bus stop.

Caravaggio -- David with head of Goliath
The United States is rapidly becoming indistinguishable from the Aztecs and from the Old Testament nations that sacrificed their children to Molech and Baal. The Aztecs ripped the hearts out of their victims. The new Aztecs inject their victims' hearts with digoxin before delivering them or ripping them limb from limb. The Canaanites threw their babies alive into the fires. The new Canaanites kill them first before disposing them with the "medical waste."

History will look at us with contempt. But that presumes God will continue to tolerate us and let our
time become history. I believe that is becoming less likely as we see atrocity after atrocity written into law. As George Kendall wrote recently in The Wanderer:
Looking at the situation, I find myself forced to ask the question: Is this the final battle between Christ and Satan? No one except God knows the answer with certainty, but something huge is happening, and denial is not an appropriate response. 
No, it isn't. The appropriate response is to pray and join the battle. Like David, we need to run toward Goliath with our slingshots swinging and five smooth stones!


rohrbachs said...

In the land where so much blood was spilt to prove (its native) Declaration correct and prescient against slavery, it is a tragedy to have to fight another confederacy, this one attacking the right to life.

Susan Matthiesen said...

Abortionists are really obsolete now, aren't they? Just let the mother do all the work and get the baby born. BORN. Then leave it to die. My guess, however, is that the baby will die only when it's carved up for its new fresh living body parts to be sold to the highest bidder because this isn't about abortion really, is it? This is about the body parts industry.

The downside for many is that this will put Islamic terrorists out of business. Their killing of Christians in order to sell their body parts to raise money for jihad will be wiped out. Why negotiate with terrorists when one can pick any body part wanted or needed from a fresh newborn baby right in your own home town.

But back to the mother who has just given birth - the mother does all the work for free, that is, she makes the baby (the product) in her womb, works painfully hard at peril to her own health getting the product born alive, then someone else makes tons of money from the mother's dismembered newborn child. There ought to be a law against that! (sarc). The mother should at least be able to profit share in the product she herself has manufactured!(sarc sarc sarc)

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Yes, Rohrbachs, I think of all the native Americans killed under Union President Grant by his scorched earth, blue-clad warriors Sheridan and Sherman. They expanded the war crimes practiced against the Confederacy and perfected them against the Indians. It is, indeed, a tragedy to have to fight for the right to life of the latest vulnerable Americans marked for death.

Aqua said...

The point here is not the VA legislation, per se, as bad as it is. The point is the line that is crossed. "My body, my choice" no more. There is the living infant, lying on the table; no longer "in her body", wrapped up in the incubator, perhaps. Now? "My baby, my choice".

Lucifer and his demons are in these people and their work. His strategy is obvious. "Baby steps".

Abortion is now accepted throughout the land. Now, the next step: infanticide. Take that tiny little step, just a few moments in time, in the birth canal .... now on the table. There! That wasn't so hard, was it?

Lucifer: "Farther! Faster! Accept the infernal premises of death, each and every one of you vile disgusting creatures, so you can take the next murderous, bloody step on your spiral down into flaming eternity with me and my damned angels who will welcome you one day with open wings".

CC Pour said...

Where to begin here...?
1. Over the course of my life I've seen plenty of disgusting, hard-line prolife photos of aborted fetuses. But honestly, none of them, individually or collectively, have had quite the galvanizing effect of making me realize the type of evil we are dealing with as watching the video of Tran blithely take the position "40 weeks, dilation? Sure, why not?" So why was that so disturbing to me? I suppose it's because as you watch her, it's pretty clear from her body language and her evasive responses to the questions, that SHE HERSELF KNOWS ITS WRONG. And it's not surprising that she knows its wrong. Her parents brought her here as a 7 month old on a boat from Vietnam rather than leaving her behind or tossing her overboard to make either the journey or their future immigration easier on their "physical or mental health." What a horrific way of "paying back" her parents' sacrifice and courage!
2. NY and now this VA proposal (even though it will not go anywhere in the near term) are cautionary tales for those who have consistently advocated using SCOTUS to "overturn Roe" and send the issue back to the states. If we ever get to a post-Roe world, there will be major losses -- in big states with lots of people.
3. At the same time, I think the proabortion forces are overplaying their hand in a way that will backfire, perhaps spectacularly. First, I don't think the SCOTUS will overrule Roe, as it's a heck of a lot easier to "bless" various forms of state regulation under Casey without jeopardizing their perceived institutional integrity. Second, and particularly assuming I am right on "first," these recent proposals (and the public celebration around them) may well be a little more than moderates who are happy enough with the legal environment can really stomach.
4. And for what? Practically speaking, I suspect that if someone is at 36 weeks or thereabouts, in the absence of a serious threat to the mother, the likelihood they'd abort rather than simply just delivering and putting the child up for adoption is probably pretty minimal. So it may be a tempest in a teapot in practice, but one which shows the world precisely how despicable the position of the proabortion forces actually are.
5. How to respond? Well, this is probably an excellent opportunity to take the high road. Forcefully pointing out that it is not the self-ish "I want something else" that is often at the heart of abortions, but rather the self-less decision to give birth, that is the true route to liberation, because, at the end of the day, "mom, you are better than that."